Equipar Services SRL – Constant development from Patagonia

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Many times when we speak of the oil sector, makes no mention of all the conglomerate of companies (large, medium and small) that accompany the extractive activity with their own products and services, that generate a very important plus to the regional economy. This is the case of Equipar Services SRL, a company with branches in Neuquen and Rio Negro dedicated to the provide products and services for mining, oil and energy industry in general. The company was born in 2001 under the name of “Suministros Neuquen” (Neuquen Supplies) specialized in selling rubber for the industry. Eventually, the company was growing: incorporated own place for Assembly and pressing of hydraulic hoses of high pressure, manufacture of flexible stainless and dampers, vibration, pressing of hoses up to 8” , bunker of hydraulic tests and software for the emission of Testing Certificates, among other products and services. Equipar Services SRL maintains a deep quality policy. In that sense, allocated resources for the creation of a new structure for hydraulic hoses testing and certification, and training constantly their human resources. In the same line the company was proposed and achieved to certify its processes under ISO 9001.

T he company has an Engineering Department to provide clients advices and support, in addition to design and develop new high performance products to meet the industry needs. The continuous products and services improvement policy led to begin in 2016 to worked firmly on a line products that comply with the specifications of API (American Petroleum Institute). These products were designed primarily for the safety of workers, equipment and the environment. For example, Equipar Services is already in a position to provide a fire resistant hose for BOP Systems, with terminals and couplings that withstand the highest demands on the well operation. D espite the deceleration of oil activity in the country, the company continued investing capital and time in improving its processes, training its personnel and doing an arduous work to optimize the production lines.

This, according to the authorities of Equipar Services, places them in a privilege possition in front of the competition, “since we have added value to the products that we commercialize”; “We are convinced that we are prepared to meet the demand even in an explosive growth of activity”; “We are confident that with the new measures of the government, the commitments made with the oil companies and, above all, with the agreements with the unions, the activity will soon recover.” – they affirm.

Products: high pressure hydraulic hoses; High-pressure accessories; Drilling sleeves (Rotary); Industrialhoses; Hoses for BOP; conveyor belts; Industrial belts;Flexible stainless steel; Spherical valves, quick couplings;Stainless tubes and connectors; Hose terminals;
Rubber sheets.
Services: technical advice on hydraulic systems andautomation; Assembly and pressing of hydraulic hoses in situ; Project engineering;
Predictive and preventive maintenance of belts and conveyors; Predictive and preventive maintenance of hydraulic systems; Hydraulic tests.
Official Distributor: DUNLOP ARGENTINA S.A. – GATES